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there is no teacher but the enemy...

Questions?   Submit!   Mainly a base for my Countdown to Ender's Game, but including other EG things. My multifandom/personal is :)

480 days ‘til Ender’s Game…have a poem…

Whenever I tire of life’s current trend
I go to my bookshelf and find an old friend
And lose count of how many hours I spend
Between pages where children are playing pretend
Fighting battles and learning attack and defend
And I don’t choose to stop ‘til I get to the end. 

— 2 years ago
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482 days ‘til Ender’s Game…have another limerick.

Does it perchance show that limericks are my favourite type of poem?
One of my favourite quotes is Valentine’s “Maybe that’s who you are, what you remember.” so…here.


Val said, “Maybe that’s who you are:
What you keep in your mind from afar.
Every climb, every fall
Every thing you recall
Any memory that leaves a scar.”

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484 days ‘til Ender’s Game…have a haiku?

I promised myself I wasn’t going to do haikus in this, because it feels like such a cheat.

Turns out I am such a cheat so it doesn’t matter. 


Children as soldiers
The earth is in peace for now
War among the stars


(Today I was given a copy of Shadow of the Hegemon by a brilliant person, so there’s my reading material sorted for a bit!)

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486 days ‘til Ender’s Game… have a poem.

E’s, of course, for Ender, who’s to save the human race,
N is for the Nose that Rosen has upon his face.
D is for Demosthenes - identity unfurled
E is for the End of the mind game’s twisted World. 
R is for the army, Rat, where Ender’s soon transferred,
S is Salamander, Bonzo’s crowd, a crazy herd.

G is for the colonel, Graff, who’s not of slender frame,
A is for Arkanian, that’s Petra’s fam’ly name. 
M is Mazer Rackham, famed for one blind chance he took,
E is for Enjoyment, found by opening this book. 

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488 days ’til Ender’s Game… have another song!

Another one! Okay, I’m fully aware that I don’t hit half the notes and my timing is all out. I couldn’t be bothered to do it again, though :P

The backing is slightly slower than the original song, so that didn’t help, but I am still incredibly grateful to this brilliant person on YouTube for making all these instrumentals and uploading them. They’re fabulous! 

Anyway, have ‘Valentine’s Song’, based on ‘Penny’s Song’. I kind of imagine it being one of the early letters Val sends to Ender. Whatever. Lyrics: 



I’m writing you a letter
Though I don’t know if you’ll read it.
And even if you never do
The words I write will always be true. 

Before, no matter how far, 
If you called me, I’d be there
So now you’re gone, remember
I still love you, I’m still here
You know I care

I know it will be scary
But it’s not forever, trust me.
You’re good and kind, and not like him
You’ll be the best, you just wait and see.

I’ll be waiting for you
When you come back, I’ll be here
So row the old knew
But don’t go too far down the stream
Be brave, my dear

And keep your head up, little brother… 

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490 days ‘til Ender’s Game… have a limerick!

There once was an urchin called Bean
A part of the Rotterdam scene
When they found he was smart
They set him apart
To fight on a Battle School team.

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492 days ‘til Ender’s Game… have another nursery rhyme!

Val and Pete both took a seat 
and published on the nets
Pete was Locke and Val did mock
When she was noticed best.

The Leagues went mad, and Peter had 
his chance to be a mender
He fought for peace, made murder cease
Unlike his brother Ender.

— 2 years ago with 5 notes
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494 days ‘til Ender’s Game… have another song!

So here’s one I didn’t submit to the song challenge over on Ender News, because I didn’t want to completely spam the forum with a rewrite of the whole musical…

Again, apologies for the singing. For this one it’s kind of important to know who’s talking because otherwise the words don’t make sense and my voice probably doesn’t make the different characters clear enough. Here’s the… well, it kind of looks more like a script than song lyrics, hehe. 


So They Say - Ender Wiggin’s Sing-Along Blog

DINK: So they say Ender Wiggin’s the top of the standings

CARN: They say he’s gonna save the human race!

BONZO: Yeah, right!

PETRA: So they say - but he’s tiny!

PETRA, CARN, DINK: Just a launchie!

BONZO: He’s nothing.

ENDER: So they say we’ll be safe from the buggers
Forever and always, thanks to me?

GRAFF: Thanks to you.

PETRA, DINK: It’s the perfect story

ROSE: So they say

BONZO: That pipsqueak, leading the way?

PETRA, DINK, CARN: Ender’s call to glory

BONZO: Nothing but a pest!

ROSE: That dwarf? No way!

BEAN: So they say he’ll save us all?

PETRA: They say he’ll wipe out the buggers, put us in the shade.

BONZO, ROSE: We have a problem with him.

BEAN: I don’t see why. 
If he’s so great,
You should stick by him and be his friend
It’d be worth it in the end
The Dragons get to do the cool stuff!

DRAGONS: We do the cool stuff!

ENDER: They’re depending on me
So they say, I’ll soon be leading the way
Can I really do this?
Kill the buggers, win and save the day?

ENDER (OVER GRAFF): There’s no happy ending
So they say, not for me anyway
Stop pretending
Leave me be and find another way

GRAFF (OVER ENDER): There’s no happy ending
So they say
Should I stop pretending?
Or is this the only way?

BEAN: No matter what people say

JEESH: We’re Ender’s Jeesh! 

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496 days ‘til Ender’s Game… have a nursery rhyme.

Ender Wiggin won the war
Beat the buggers into the floor
All of Graff’s soldiers
And all Mazer’s men
Couldn’t put Ender together again.

Had no Internet all day so ~technically~ this is two hours late. Oh well!

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498 days ‘til Ender’s Game… have a poster!
This was made for the current challenge over on (go, see, join an army.) - to design a propaganda poster. :)

498 days ‘til Ender’s Game… have a poster!

This was made for the current challenge over on (go, see, join an army.) - to design a propaganda poster. :)

— 2 years ago with 2 notes
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