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there is no teacher but the enemy...

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488 days ’til Ender’s Game… have another song!

Another one! Okay, I’m fully aware that I don’t hit half the notes and my timing is all out. I couldn’t be bothered to do it again, though :P

The backing is slightly slower than the original song, so that didn’t help, but I am still incredibly grateful to this brilliant person on YouTube for making all these instrumentals and uploading them. They’re fabulous! 

Anyway, have ‘Valentine’s Song’, based on ‘Penny’s Song’. I kind of imagine it being one of the early letters Val sends to Ender. Whatever. Lyrics: 



I’m writing you a letter
Though I don’t know if you’ll read it.
And even if you never do
The words I write will always be true. 

Before, no matter how far, 
If you called me, I’d be there
So now you’re gone, remember
I still love you, I’m still here
You know I care

I know it will be scary
But it’s not forever, trust me.
You’re good and kind, and not like him
You’ll be the best, you just wait and see.

I’ll be waiting for you
When you come back, I’ll be here
So row the old knew
But don’t go too far down the stream
Be brave, my dear

And keep your head up, little brother… 

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494 days ‘til Ender’s Game… have another song!

So here’s one I didn’t submit to the song challenge over on Ender News, because I didn’t want to completely spam the forum with a rewrite of the whole musical…

Again, apologies for the singing. For this one it’s kind of important to know who’s talking because otherwise the words don’t make sense and my voice probably doesn’t make the different characters clear enough. Here’s the… well, it kind of looks more like a script than song lyrics, hehe. 


So They Say - Ender Wiggin’s Sing-Along Blog

DINK: So they say Ender Wiggin’s the top of the standings

CARN: They say he’s gonna save the human race!

BONZO: Yeah, right!

PETRA: So they say - but he’s tiny!

PETRA, CARN, DINK: Just a launchie!

BONZO: He’s nothing.

ENDER: So they say we’ll be safe from the buggers
Forever and always, thanks to me?

GRAFF: Thanks to you.

PETRA, DINK: It’s the perfect story

ROSE: So they say

BONZO: That pipsqueak, leading the way?

PETRA, DINK, CARN: Ender’s call to glory

BONZO: Nothing but a pest!

ROSE: That dwarf? No way!

BEAN: So they say he’ll save us all?

PETRA: They say he’ll wipe out the buggers, put us in the shade.

BONZO, ROSE: We have a problem with him.

BEAN: I don’t see why. 
If he’s so great,
You should stick by him and be his friend
It’d be worth it in the end
The Dragons get to do the cool stuff!

DRAGONS: We do the cool stuff!

ENDER: They’re depending on me
So they say, I’ll soon be leading the way
Can I really do this?
Kill the buggers, win and save the day?

ENDER (OVER GRAFF): There’s no happy ending
So they say, not for me anyway
Stop pretending
Leave me be and find another way

GRAFF (OVER ENDER): There’s no happy ending
So they say
Should I stop pretending?
Or is this the only way?

BEAN: No matter what people say

JEESH: We’re Ender’s Jeesh! 

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500 days ‘til Ender’s Game… have a song!

Courtesy of My Really Awful Singing, here is My Eyes from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog as sung by Ender and Bean. I would blame the fact that it was recorded in a car on a mobile phone for the poor quality, but I’d be lying. Those things are true, but the voice would suck under pretty much any conditions :P

Anyway. Ahem. The lyrics were submitted here, on Ender News, which has a tumblr here, but you should definitely come to the main site and join an army! There are new battles and challenges every week. This is the product of the ‘rewrite song lyrics in an Ender’s Game-y way’ challenge.  

Guess I’ll put the lyrics here, too: 


[ENDER pt.1]
It’s something I have always heard:
"You’re not a person, you’re a Third."
And I know I shouldn’t care
Because I’ve always been aware
But still it stings, although it’s just a word.

Listen close to any launchie’s heart
And hear that breaking sound
Childhood stolen, family torn apart
As they stay on the ground

I cannot believe my eyes
I have to depend on lies
And it’s plain to see
They’re leaving it down to me
It’s Ender’s Game.

[BEAN pt.1]
On the street 
But standing on my own two feet
I may be small, but I’ve survived
This far and I will stay alive

And I believe inside the smallest urchin’s heart
There’s courage to be found.
And now, I’m off to battle school
To turn my life around.

I cannot believe my eyes
That Ender, so brave and wise
Confides in me 
His shadow I’ll always be
It’s Ender’s Game.

[ENDER pt.2 - over Bean pt.2]
Any dolt with half a brain
Could see the rules round here have gone insane
An order at the door
The army can’t take any more
And there is no-one by my side to ease the pain.

Listen close to any soldier’s heart
And hear that breaking sound
Childhood stolen, friendship torn apart
For each recruit they’ve found

I cannot believe my eyes
I have to depend on lies
And it’s plain to see 
They’re leaving it down to me
In Ender’s Game

[BEAN pt.2 - over Ender pt.2]
Can’t you see?
Why don’t you ever hear me?
Just let be me your friend, I’ll be
Your soldier down until the end

And I believe inside the smallest Dragon’s heart
There’s fire to be found
I’m here and I can play my part
To turn the fight around

I cannot believe my eyes
That Ender, so brave and wise
Wants me around
- The enemy’s gate is down -
In Ender’s Game

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