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494 days ‘til Ender’s Game… have another song!

So here’s one I didn’t submit to the song challenge over on Ender News, because I didn’t want to completely spam the forum with a rewrite of the whole musical…

Again, apologies for the singing. For this one it’s kind of important to know who’s talking because otherwise the words don’t make sense and my voice probably doesn’t make the different characters clear enough. Here’s the… well, it kind of looks more like a script than song lyrics, hehe. 


So They Say - Ender Wiggin’s Sing-Along Blog

DINK: So they say Ender Wiggin’s the top of the standings

CARN: They say he’s gonna save the human race!

BONZO: Yeah, right!

PETRA: So they say - but he’s tiny!

PETRA, CARN, DINK: Just a launchie!

BONZO: He’s nothing.

ENDER: So they say we’ll be safe from the buggers
Forever and always, thanks to me?

GRAFF: Thanks to you.

PETRA, DINK: It’s the perfect story

ROSE: So they say

BONZO: That pipsqueak, leading the way?

PETRA, DINK, CARN: Ender’s call to glory

BONZO: Nothing but a pest!

ROSE: That dwarf? No way!

BEAN: So they say he’ll save us all?

PETRA: They say he’ll wipe out the buggers, put us in the shade.

BONZO, ROSE: We have a problem with him.

BEAN: I don’t see why. 
If he’s so great,
You should stick by him and be his friend
It’d be worth it in the end
The Dragons get to do the cool stuff!

DRAGONS: We do the cool stuff!

ENDER: They’re depending on me
So they say, I’ll soon be leading the way
Can I really do this?
Kill the buggers, win and save the day?

ENDER (OVER GRAFF): There’s no happy ending
So they say, not for me anyway
Stop pretending
Leave me be and find another way

GRAFF (OVER ENDER): There’s no happy ending
So they say
Should I stop pretending?
Or is this the only way?

BEAN: No matter what people say

JEESH: We’re Ender’s Jeesh! 

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